Effective Ways to Save Water

Living in a hot country like Australia there is often a need to be conscious about how much water you are using, to ensure that you are not using more than you need to. In these water conscious times there is an onus on everyone to make an effort to conserve water as best as they can. By adjusting a few of your habits around the home and ensuring that you stay on top of maintenance you will be able to save a lot on your water consumption.

Low-Flow Shower Head

One easy way to cut down on water consumption is to have a low-flow shower head installed to replace your regular one. The amount of water that is used while showering can be dramatically reduced with a low-flow head and you will hardly notice the difference.

Every Flush Counts

Are you aware of how much water is used in a single flush of the toilet? An average person’s water consumption (of 5 flushes per day) accounts for at least 30% of total household water consumption, but there are ways of reducing this. The old saying ‘if its yellow, let it mellow’ is one way of conserving water, but another way is to have a dual flush toilet installed. Dual flush toilets give you the option of choosing the low volume flush which can really conserve water.

Don’t Leave the Tap Running

When brushing your teeth, washing up, shaving or any other activity using the tap, ensure that you do not leave the water running. While brushing your teeth, turn the tap off after you have wet the toothbrush, and when shaving fill the sink with water to rinse the razor, rather than having the tap running. When rinsing dishes while washing up, fill the second sink with water, or fill a basin that you can then use to water the plants later.

Use Grey Water

Save your grey water from washing up, baths, showers and other activities. These can be used for water plants and other activities where you are not required to have clean water.

Have Your Pipes Checked for Leaks

Another way where you can be losing a lot of water over time is if there is a leak in one of your pipes. Ensure that you regularly have a plumber check over your premises to ensure that you are not losing water unnecessarily. Leaks can be occurring underground or in places where you cannot see them, so this is why it is important to get a plumber to test the premises.

Water Plants in the Morning

The best time of day to water your plants is in the morning when it will be of the most benefit to the plants (inhibiting fungus growth) and to avoid evaporation. When watering, place a container the depth of a tuna tin in the garden and when that is full it means that the plants have had enough.

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