The Latest Bathroom Trends

There was once a time when the bathroom was a place where you went in to do your business as quickly as possible, and then left. But times have changed and now days you are able to install different kinds of gadgetry and design features to make it a room where people actually want to hang out a bit longer. Check out some of the latest sunshine coast plumber trends for bathrooms.

Built-in Sound System

For those who enjoy a soundtrack to life there is the option of having a bath or shower with a built in sound system. This eliminates the need for taking ipods or portable stereos into the bath with you for music.


Bathrooms now have the option of hi-tech additions such as refrigerated medicine cabinets. These can be useful if you have a number of medicines that need to be refrigerated, or you want somewhere cool to store organic skin lotions that need to be kept cold. For those cooler winter mornings an under-floor heater makes it much more fun when you get out of a hot shower.

Water Saving Fixtures

Water is one of our most precious commodities and as people tune into this they are deciding to install low flow toilets and taps to their homes. Water saving fixtures are becoming a popular addition to homes and are relatively easy to install with the assistance of a sunshine coast plumber.

Hands Free Taps

When out and about at public bathrooms the option of not needing to touch taps is always a pleasant experience, but you can now have that luxury at home if you choose. Messy bathrooms from kids sticky hands could be a thing of the past with the addition of a hands free tap in your bathroom at home.

Hidden Toilet and Tub

You can now hide your toilet or tub completely from view when they aren’t being used, to give your bathroom that little flair of uniqueness. The bath can be either a seat or a bath, with a padded cover that becomes the head rest when it is being used as a tub again. The toilet has a cover which turns it into a chair when not being used as a toilet.

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