What to do with a burst pipe

Burst pipes can be a nightmare for many homeowners. Should you meet this experience it is important that you act fast in order to minimise damage. To help you deal with the issue, here are a few handy tips.

Locate your stopcock. knowing this in advance allows you to act fast and minimise the damage. Stopcocks are generally located under the sink, bathroom.

Turn off the water. Usually this tap is located at the front of your house. Turn on anther tap to check you have it right and take the pressure of the problem area.

Call Gregors plumbing and we can immediately fix the problem.

Prevent further damage. If the leak is coming through your ceiling, place a bucket under the problem area to prevent the spread of any further damage.

Exercise caution. If a leak has gone unnoticed for a period of time in the attic, upstairs floors and ceilings may become unstable due to the weight of retained water. Never walk across a bulging floor as it could give way

Switch off the electrical mains. Never, ever touch wet electrical appliances and it is worth reminding all house occupants of this. Turn off the electricity mains without delay.

Record the damage. Take pictures, this will help with an insurance claim. Note it is important to take steps to mitigate any damage.

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