Sustainable Hot Water

One thing is for sure: electricity prices are on the rise and they are set to keep on rising. So what is the best way to heat your water? With global warming being a term on almost everyone’s lips, what is the best and greenest hot water solution?

Talk to the Experts

A good place to start is talking to your local plumber. Gregors Plumbing and Gas can offer you expert advice on all types of water heating devices and help you decide the best alternative for your situation.

Hot Water Burns Energy

Hot water is one of the biggest energy burners in the average household. The decision you make about your hot water system will have long lasting effects and can save (or cost) you significant money over time.

What About Solar?

Solar hot water is an excellent choice. Solar can provide up to 90% of your hot water supply. The downside with solar is that it will require an initial investment. Installing solar is not cheap but it will pay for itself over time. Solar is the best green solution when it comes to hot water. Lengthy cloudy and rainy conditions can impact your hot water supply, so it is usually necessary to install a booster.

Gas Hot Water

Gas is also an economical hot water option. It is also environmentally friendly as it will only produce about a third of the emissions that an electric system will create. Gas systems have improved over the years and can provide you with instant and economical hot water.

Electric Systems

Electric hot water systems are the most cost efficient upfront and are easily connected. Over a lifetime the running costs of an electric hot water system will end up the most expensive option.

It is important to consider long term benefits over short term saving when making your decision. Gregors Plumbing and Gas would love to talk to you about the best hot water alternative for your home and family. Call them today.

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