Water Smart Gardens

Water Smart!

Water Smart Gardens – Living in a country like Australia where there is a lot of drought and water shortages, it is important to do everything you can to ensure that you are getting the most from the water that you are using. Creating a water smart garden could save you plenty of water this summer and assist in keeping cooling costs down. Here are some garden tips for sunshine coast water saving.


Planning your garden ahead of time will assist you in making the most of the space you have, and grouping plants according to their water needs will ensure that each gets the amount of water that they need. If you are planting a plant that needs a lot of water, put it in a sheltered spot to prevent water loss and evaporation. Lawns need a lot of water to keep them looking good, so have less lawn if possible. Hard surfaces in your garden will get very hot and will dry out the soil nearby so avoid them as much as possible.

Plant for Conditions

There are different plants suited to different positions, so make sure that you choose the right plants for the weather conditions of your area. Choosing native plants is the best option for this hot, humid country and will have a better chance of survival than non-native plants. Native plants are suited to the weather and soil conditions and often need very little water. They will also attract native bees, birds and insects, so you will be doing something positive for the local ecosystem.

Soil Quality

If soil is very dry, or of low quality it does not easily hold water, which means you will need to be watering your plants twice as much as if you had good soil. Improving soils can make a huge difference to the health of plants, and the aesthetics of your garden. Adding in a compost or worm farm to your garden will provide you with a means of assisting your soil back to better health.


Including mulch in your garden helps immensely to keep the soil moist and weeds down. Lay a sprinkling of either straw, grass clippings, bark or wood chip over each garden bed around the plants for improved soil quality and moisture saving.

For tips on how to save water using water-saving devices talk to Gregor’s Plumbing or check out our Plumbing Services and see what we can do for you.

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