Gas Plumbing

Unwanted Leaks? Blockages? Storm Damage? Gas Leaks? Burst Water Pipes? Whatever your plumbing emergency, we’ll fix it. Call us any time.

Natural gas is quickly becoming the most widely used fuel source in Australia for heating and cookstoves. If natural gas is available, the benefits of having it installed on your property are great

Licensed Gas Fitter & Plumber Noosaville

Gas fitting, installations, and gas leaks are dangerous jobs that should only be performed by licensed gas fitters. Gregors Plumbing Services includes…

  • Installations for gas
  • Gas fitting
  • Inspection and service for connection
  • Bayonet installations
  • Gas stove installations
  • Gas hot-water systems
  • Gas leak detection
  • Line renewals
  • Gas room heaters
  • Gas cylinder fitters
  • Gas leak detection and gas repair
  • Gas heating and cooking

LPG Gas Supplier & Installer In Noosaville

LPG and Natural Gas currently offer the best value for money in gas installations for heating and/or cooking.

Gregors Plumbing will supply, install, service and maintain all your Liquid Propane Gas needs (LPG). Propane (also known as LPG) is currently the best choice for all your home-gas requirements.

LPG, a clean-burning fuel that’s both economical and natural, is cost-effective. It’s affordable and Sydney Plumbing, Hot Water and Gas highly recommend it.

LPG and Natural Gas appear to be even more affordable than electricity. Our experience has shown that most people like the heat of gas for cooking, heating, hot water.

LPG bottled Gas seems to be the best gas option as it can heat, cook, and hot water in some areas of Sydney.

LPG Gas Installation – Reasons

  • LPG Installation is affordable for your home or company
  • LPG Installations are easy
  • LPG Installation is an Alternative to Other Fuels
  • LPG Installation can be one of the most effective forms of heat production

LPG Home And Business Installation

Gregors Plumbing  has the ability to set up your LPG gas twinstage cylinder in a matter hours. We offer both residential and commercial installations.

We can install all types of appliances

  • LPG and Natural Gas Hot Water Appliances
  • Gas Room Heaters that are installed with LPG or Natural Gas
  • Barbecues made with LPG and Natural Gas
  • LPG and Natural Gas cooking tops

LPG Gas Installation Is Simple and Economic.


Unwanted Leaks? Blockages? Storm Damage? Gas Leaks? Burst Water Pipes? Whatever your plumbing emergency, we’ll fix it. Call us any time.